1. Vehicles


When are vehicle auctions held?

Centro Casas Subastas provides auction service to Universal Insurance, Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples and the Bankruptcy Court. The auctions of Universal Insurance and the Multiple Insurance Cooperative are weekly “A Viva Voz Virtual” and for both you have to be an active bidder with the companies. This is achieved by paying your memberships annually in order to participate in the auctions.


For Bankruptcy Court Auctions, an invitation is sent to Bidders registered on our page who are interested in participating and each auction has its Terms and Conditions.


Where are vehicle auctions held?

The vehicle auctions are on the Virtual Platforms of each of the companies, where only registered Bidders participate.


Are the terms and conditions the same as for other live auctions?

Each Auction has its separate Terms and Conditions.


What kind of vehicles are auctioned?

All types of vehicles are auctioned.

2. Storage Containers


How often are warehouse auctions held?

Warehouse auctions are approximately every 4 months. They are advertised on the digital platforms of Centro Casas Subastas.


Where are warehouse auctions held?

Warehouse auctions are held on the warehouse grounds to Bidders who attend and register on the day of the auction.


What kind of items are auctioned at these events?

In warehouse auctions, all kinds of movable property are auctioned.

3. Furniture


What items are included in this type of auction?

The auctions of movable property are in pieces or in batches depending on the logistics to be used.


Are the terms and conditions the same as in other auctions?

For each auction of goods, it is possible to comply with some Terms in terms of cost to participate, bidder premium and dispatch time.


How often are auctions of movable property held?

There is no specific periodicity for this type of auction. It is recommended to register to receive communications from Centro Casas Subastas and thus be up to date with the events we celebrate.

4. Properties


How often are property auctions held?

Property auctions are held approximately every 4 months or at the request and need of the contractors.


What should I do if I am interested in participating in property auctions?

To participate in real estate auctions, you must register to receive the Properties brochure, check the Terms and Conditions governing that auction, prequalify and inspect each interested property. To keep up to date with our events, you can follow us on our social networks (Facebook).


What kind of properties do you usually auction?

In property auctions there are all kinds of properties, such as: Land, Farms, Residences, Commercial, Multifamily, projects, among others.


How do I get the Terms and Conditions of property auctions?

For each auction, a Pre-Auction registration must be complied with. The Terms and Conditions are detailed in the first pages of the illustrative brochure or can be requested from our office by phone at 787-287-0100 or by email: