Jaylin Horta

¡Regresa La Subasta a viva voz!

Descarga el catálogo No te quedes sin participar del evento que trae miles de descuentos en propiedades alrededor de toda la isla. Por Centro Casas Centro Casas Subastas celebrará su subasta presencial y virtual de propiedades a viva voz el próximo viernes, 25 de agosto de 2023, a las 10:00 … Read more

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How to participate in La Subasta

By Betsy Pino, VP & Auctioneer You can now experience the thrill of La Subasta in person or virtually, providing a fantastic opportunity to acquire properties at unbeatable prices. To participate, follow these three easy steps: If you’re looking for a property to live in or to invest in, La … Read more

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Tips for Buying Properties at Auction

By Betsy Pino, VP & Auctioneer   Buying a house at an auction can be a tempting prospect. Anyone searching for a home might be drawn to acquiring a property below its market value. In times like these, where excess property inventory poses a challenge for the banking industry, auctions … Read more

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